Welcome to Bugglebots!

Bugglebots is a combat robotics show which has been filmed and produced as a web-based mini-series. Bugglebots 2018 is available to watch at https://www.bugglebots.com/watch.

Bugglebots 2019 has an air date! Put 9th December 2019 in your diary to watch the start of what promises to be an epic series of robot combat. Bugglebots 2019 wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for our sponsors FingerTech & BTR Bot Parts.


FingerTech have been pivotal in supporting Bugglebots and were instrumental in helping towards Series 2019 pre-production; most notably, the 4 week giveaway raffle which happened at the start of the year. FingerTech offer Hobby & Competitive Robot Parts Shipped Worldwide.

BTR Bot Parts

BTR Bot Parts supply robot combat parts throughout the UK and Bugglebots have been grateful for their support for the 2019 series.