Code of Conduct

The following is taken from the FRA Code of Conduct and is the behavioural standard which Bugglebots will follow.

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the sport of roboteering. The behaviour of all roboteers has an impact, directly and indirectly, on the reputation of the sport and of everyone involved in the sport – both in and out of the arena. Should an incidence occur at an event, it is the Event Organiser's responsibility to carry out any investigation and take any action deemed by them to be necessary. Should an incident be brought to the attention of the FRA, it will be fully investigated separately, including the examination of all relevant documents and where appropriate information from witnesses both orally and by written statements.

Examples of misconduct include but are not restricted to:

Not abiding by the behavioural standards of Bugglebots could result in immediate removal from the competition and the FRA being notified where applicable.


Bugglebots will be following the build and safety standards of the Fighting Robots Association (FRA), which can be found here:

Bugglebots will also be operating the following rules:

  1. As per the FRA rules for the Beetleweight category, the robot must not exceed 1.5kg in weight.
    1. Shuffler robots will be granted an additional 50% weight allowance (.75kg) – therefore their weight must not exceed 2.25kg.
    2. Walker robots will be granted an additional 100% weight allowance (1.5kg) – therefore their weight must not exceed 3kg.
  2. An individual may not compete with more than one robot. Anyone on a robots' team may drive the robot, but an individual may not compete with more than one entry. Builders with more than one robot may make separate applications for their entries but must accept that if accepted, only one of the entries will be selected.
    1. A robot may be driven by anyone who is on its’ respective team. Individuals may not drive robots that are not their entry.
    2. Special consideration will be given whereby a builder is suddenly unable to drive their robot and there is no suitable replacement on their own team. In this circumstance, the event organisers will decide how to proceed alongside the judges.
  3. The robot must be the intellectual and physical property of at least one member of its respective team. Special consideration will be given where a robot is not the property of an individual, but that individual has had a significant influence in the build, maintenance or design of that robot. This must be declared in the application.
    1. Kit-Bots that have not undergone significant mechanical and aesthetic modifications will not be considered for the competition.
    2. Robots that have been purchased from someone else for the purpose of the competition are not permitted. Any robots that have been purchased from another builder must have been purchased prior to the release date of applications and be the property of at least one individual on the robots’ team.
  4. All robots will be subject to a Tech Check and a weigh-in at the beginning of the competition. A further weight check will be performed on the two finalists of each heat prior to the heat final battle, and additionally the two grand finalists will be subject to a check prior to the grand final.
    1. Any modifications to a robot which are not included in its’ application will need the approval of the Bugglebots Producers and in accordance with the judges.
    2. Any in-competition modifications which are different from the original design and go beyond that of reasonable repairs must be declared and have the approval of the Bugglebots Producers in accordance with the judges.
    3. The Bugglebots Producers and the Judges reserve the right to spot-check a robot at any time if there is reasonable belief that it is not in compliance with the build and safety standards.
  5. There are three ways in which a robot is deemed the clear loser of a battle:
    i) The robot lands in an Out of the Arena zone; over the arena wall or down the pit.
    ii) The robot is rendered immobile.
    iii) The robot is counted out due to lack of controlled movement by the Referees.
    1. If there is no clear winner of a battle, a panel of three judges will decide a winner based on Control, Damage and Aggression. Their decision will be their own and have no influence from any member of the Bugglebots production crew or roboteers.
    2. If a robot shows no controlled movement during battle, the Referees will initiate a ten second countdown timer. If the robot cannot show controlled movement at the end of the countdown, it is considered immobile and the battle is ended.
  6. Conspiring with other teams in an attempt to control the outcome of the competition is strictly forbidden. *
    1. No roboteer may receive funds or any other form of compensation – or have anyone accept it on their behalf - in exchange for attempts to control the outcome of the competition. *
    2. No roboteer may make changes or cause damage to a robot that is not their own this will be considered sabotage. *